Living life “Deconverted”

In 2019 new reports cited from Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) show the continued rise of non-religious affiliations in America. For 30 years I was a fundamentalist christian and now I have found myself no longer a believer. The transition from complete belief to zero belief was unplanned and traumatic. The pain of deconverting from christianity does not only impact the person deconverting but poses significant confusion and pain to family and friends of the former believer.

Without saying a word you are at odds with believers and the world around you because you no longer accept what most around you do without hesitation, the belief in “God”. By no longer participating in even the most casual of beliefs your entire worldview can shift in to chaos. In many ways it feels like your life has been wasted and consumed by something that was not even there. You wonder where to go next. Is it safe to be honest about your lack of belief with others and to risk relationships, jobs and financial security. Leaving the fold is like breaking out of a cage to a world that presents so many challenges. However for many there is a sense of relief, of a burden removed and intellectual freedom gained.

This website and the content posted within is a result of my desire to be a part of the solution, to be a voice for those who are going through this journey or have made it through to the other side. I believe “The Deconverted Life” is full of potential and reward. I hope to engage critical thought and dialogue with others examining beliefs of my past, to share articles and stories of hope form others in the deconverted communities. I no longer live a “christian life” but rather “The Deconverted Life” and it is good. Come take the journey with me…..